Eride is the only organisation in India which provides digital literacy to rural people. Technologies like tablets, WiFi, projectors etc. is used to provide digital literacy. We help rural people connect to the companies and get them empowered. Moreover with the help of this they can develop any skill and hence choose to pursue their dreams.
Currently we are operating in Vellore, Tamil Nadu and are looking upto scale up to major colleges in Tamil Nadu.
We raise funding from corporates and we are looking to raise more funding from corporates.
You can start a chapter in your college/area by contacting us through www.eride.org.in/chapter.
If you are selected for starting a chapter in your college, then we will buy about 8 tablets and a projector for providing digital education. Conditions applied*.
Yes, you can start a chapter as more than 60% of Indians are digitally illiterate and you can find them almost everywhere. If not anything else, poor staff working in nearby places can be provided digital literacy.
Digitally literate rural people can work for organisations as data entry, customer care, call centres, handling mails etc. Moreover they can learn and develop any skill they are passionate about and achieve great heights. Eride also helps them to connect to companies and thus empower them.
We have started ground work since August 2016, registered the organisation with government on 4th October, 2016 and conducted a demo session on 6th November. Regular sessions are being conducted since January 2017.
Tablets can be used in regional languages and in digital world language isn't a barrier for learning English or any other skill. Moreover traditional teaching methods is been employed in India since ages but the results are pretty clear.
Yes, you can donate us using the donate us button available on our website.
We have impacted 4 schools as of June 2017, conducting 95 sessions.
We are not giving away the tablets infact each person uses the tablets for 45 days during our sessions.
Well planned course, sufficient time management, proper guidance and on the spot doubt clearance helps us in making sure that students are learning properly. Moreover each volunteer teaches to only 4 people using a tablet which improves the quality delivered.
We choosed vellore since our founders currently live there, yes we are planning to expand our service to other cities in near future.
We want to make India a hundred percent digitally literate nation.