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ERIDE strives towards spreading digital literacy to rural masses by teaching them basic usage of devices like smart phone/tablets and its useful application. Primarily teaching them to grasp opportunities through the internet.
We don't enlighten them about "what to learn" but "how to learn" so that they can independently learn skills themselves.
Digitally literate person can work for various organisations in a variety of domains like data entry operator, call centre, receptionist etc. Moreover, they can learn and develop any skills they are passionate about and achieve success in any walk of life.
We believe that literacy doesn't hinder an individual's desire to become digitally literate, because smart devices these days have a very friendly user interface in all languages.
Also, a digitally literate person can learn to read and write via various sources on the internet for free by himself.
Digital Education is teaching any topic with the help of smart mediums like projector/smart boards etc. whereas digital literacy is about enlightening a person on usage smart devices and how they can be useful for an individual.

Each volunteer handles four students, she/he ensures that her/his students are thorough with the topic at the end of session which keeps up the quality of the session.
Well planned courses, time management, proper guidance, individual attention and on the spot doubt clearance makes sure that students are learning.
To ensure that any batch of students we take can be digitally literate (We have designed 30 sessions for it). And students get a continuity in their schedule and easily grasp new concepts.
Volunteer Model: For conducting sessions everyday, we need a team of atleast 30 people with each person volunteering for atleast 2 sessions (1 hour each) a week.
30 sessions are conducted and the breakdown is as follows:
  1. Apps(10 sessions),
  2. Microsoft office(8 sessions),
  3. NDLM (National Digital Literacy Mission) (7 sessions),
  4. After the completion of the course, the students are tested for a span of 5 days.

To scale up across the nation, we closely assist our team for a period of first hundred days. During the interim, the entity would be referred to as "ERIDE ki Parchhayi". During the 100 days, we will guide the team and ensure that the entity is efficient and self sustainable in the years to come.
You have to fill a form and we'll get in touch with you. You have to be ready with a team of minimum 6 members to be able to efficiently carry out the preliminary sessions in your vicinity.
After you apply for starting an entity, we'll get back to you and after you get through the stages and setting expectations, you're given responsibilities of ERIDE ki parchhayi.
The team lead is responsible for the efficient execution of the sessions. She/he is responsible for coordinating with the National Board and ensure that the team is dedicated their assigned responsibilities.

  • An ISO certified certificate provided by us and our partners (The Climber, Audacious Dream Foundation, Viral Sphere) for contributing in ERIDE,
  • Opportunities to develop personal and professional skills,
  • Will add value to your profile and will bring you brighter career prospects.
  • You will have an opportunity to spear head a great nation building movement that will benefit the immediate society.
  • You will be issued with a certificate which will help you build a resume and in your career, where you will have additional work profile to present.
ERIDE is certified by 80 G and 12 AA with the help of which any Indian individual/company who financially supports our cause will get 50% income tax deduction from their taxable income.

Contact any entity in your vicinity (if exists) and apply to join as a volunteer.
Participate in Spreading Digital Smiles initiative. Click a selfie with the person and share it with hash tags #ERIDE #SpreadingDigitalSmiles and create awareness about our cause through social media.
With the help of donations, monetary or In-kind( tablets, services, etc.)
If you're really good at any skill and want to train our volunteers, then kindly drop a mail at
Each volunteer is expected to contribute for atleast 1 year to avail the certificate.
When you fill the form to join ERIDE, we will intimate you about the next recruitments via email/text around a week before the process begins.

For any important information:
    Prayank Pitti (CEO) - +91 9849977964