About us


Our efforts are channelized to provide digital literacy to technologically backward people and provide them a platform to get freelancing jobs thereby helping them get access to the internet to bridge the digital divide. We are also going to scale up in deeply in Bangalore for the next one year.



Our vision is to make India a digitally literate nation where everyone is capable of utilising basic technology to acquire skills productively.


Only 40% of the India’s population have access to the internet regularly (once a month).
According to UN (2016), access to the internet is the basic human right.
Only 25% of Rural India have access to the internet.
Source: Economic Times; survey by ICUBE 2018.

As majority of Indians do not have access to the internet, people do not have equal opportunities to develop skills that can make them employable. In today’s era, where the majority of us gain information, knowledge and most importantly skills of all kind from the internet, it is a sad truth that a huge majority of the people are still deprived of this essential resource.
Eradicating digital illiteracy is very important for the upliftment of weaker sections of society and bring a change. One of the main things that exacerbates poverty and other socio – economic problems is the widespread prevalence of digital illiteracy in India.