Empowering Rural India
with Digital Education

Enlighten. Empower. Excel.

Empowering Rural India
with Digital Education

We aim to enlighten the rural masses digitally and empower them to excel in what they want to do.

about us

ERIDE is a youth run NGO which is incubated in IIM Bangalore which provides basic digital literacy to technologically backward people and empower them by providing them with freelancing jobs. We also inculcate peer learning by providing our students with tablets who in turn train people in his/her immediate surroundings.
With help of our volunteers, we conduct sessions regularly, in which a batch of students are introduced to the digital literacy by employing hands-on practical training approach using tablets. Each session is considered highly critical in overcoming the challenge of low Digital literacy among Indians, especially those who live in rural areas and urban peripheries.


Play for a Cause

Wanna be part of something exciting, thrilling and mind boggling? Then register with your team for the puzzle oriented Mystery Room quest on (date) hosted by ERIDE NGO where fun dominates everything. Choose among the vast varieties of themes and allow the magic of the Wizard to teleport you to a mysterious plot that revolves around your theme.

Event Details

Number of participants per team: 1-5 Registration fee - RS 50 per person Prize Pool - Rs 1500
Click Here to Register

What participants will win

1. TOP 3 will receive cash prizes and prize pool is 1.5K. 2. TOP 10 will get goodies from OFFO STORE 3. 25-30% Off on all Offo products for all participants. For more info about the goodies and what they are Click Here

our sessions

4 April


 129th Session

18 September


 7th Session

9 March


 100th Session

Be a part of the digital revolution


Former Board Member

ERIDE has been a great experience spending time with kids which was one of the best time I have ever had. Making someone smile is the thing that I love the most and I got to do that with ERIDE.


Former Board Member

The experience has been an eye opener, to see the problems of the underprivileged first-hand hit me real hard. When I first visited the little flower, that's when it hit me, the hardships that the little kids go through. From then on I knew I'd do my bit to help them in any way possible.


Youth Mentor

A fantastic organization with a fantastic vision. It has been an honor to be able to assist with the growth of such a game changer from its infancy.



I am extremely inspired by the kind of impact Eride creates in the lives of every individual they empower. The work culture is flawless and the volunteers are fully driven towards achieving the organisations vision. What they have achieved in such a short duration speaks volumes about the efficiency, energy and enthusiasm that all volunteers have here. I am really glad to have supported their mission.

Muskan Gakhreja

Director of Primary Execution (Indore)

Working as the team lead of "ERIDE ki Parchayi" - Indore has granted me with prolific management skills. It has given me an opportunity to give back to the society that sustains me. I have learnt how to handle tough and demanding situations while maintaining my calm and composure.
Thank you ERIDE for teaching me so much.

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