About us

About us

Eride is a youth run NGO which aims to revolutionize the education system in rural areas, which constitutes about 65% of our nation. We are a young team of dedicated volunteers who work to encourage and support the growing need as well as the desire among people in rural India to be a part of modern digital India. With help of our volunteers, we conduct sessions everyday, in which a batch of students are introduced to the useful concepts of digital literacy by employing hands-on practical training approach using tablets in their regional languages. We believe that success is nothing but the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out, hence each session is considered highly critical in overcoming the challenge of low Digital literacy among rural citizens.

Our Mission

That every individual is provided with proper opportunities to improve his digital knowledge irrespective of his financial and social background.

That agricultural knowledge and recent agricultural advancements reach the farmers of even the most isolated parts of the country.

That no individual is devoid of financial literacy and they find opportunities to increment their personal finance.

Our Vision

We envision India with revolutionized education system where every rural person is empowered to be digitally, financially and agriculturally literate, create opportunities for themselves and knows no boundation.